How to set up Mevio Channels in MythTv

I wrote this parser specifically so I could watch GeekBrief in MythTv.
Writting a parser for MythStream is pretty easy. Basic Perl stuff using XML::Simple and XML::DOM.

For more information on MythStream including how to create parsers go here:


And now back to the How To.


If you haven't already done so, install the MythStream plugin for MythTv.

Once you have MythStream installed, download my file attached to this post and extract it it to your mythstream parsers dir. The path should be ~/.mythtv/mythstream/parsers.

Now you need to get the url for the channel you want to add. Goto and find a channel you want to add. Click on the "put it" link, right-click on RawXML and select copy link location. Now you have the channel url on your clipboard and are ready to add it to MythStream.

Open Mythtv and goto:

  • Utilities / Setup
    • Setup
      • Media Settings
        • MythStream Settings
          • Streams

The exact path might be different for you depending on what theme and menu system you have configured in MythTv.

If you are in the right place it should look something like this.

 The interface is a little confusing - but very efficient.
I like to set mevio channels up undo the TV stream folder.
So I select it on the left as shown in the image.
This fills in the info on the right. Pressing the add buttons saves the current info as a new thing, pressing update saves the current info to the current thing.
This is really efficient but a little confusing at first.

Enter a stream name and paste in the url (It should still be on your clipboard.

Type mevio (the name of the parser without the extension) as the stream parser and press save.

It should now look something like this exept you will have an add button, I was making an edit in this screen grab.

Now you should be able to watch your channel in MythTV.