Great News For Smokers

It wasn't all that long ago that smoking was completely socially acceptable. Back then you could smoke anywhere. Airplanes, buses, movie theaters and restaurants all encouraged their smoking patrons to light up. Slowly, As the harmful effects of second hand smoke became know, smokers started having to look for designated sections. First smoking was banned from public transportation and theaters. Some airports had designated smoking sections, plexi-glass rooms filled with smoke where you could feed your addiction before or after that long smoke free flight. Today smokers are treated like outcast. You have to stand 20 feet from the door in most pubs and restaurants, and people give you evil glares when they walk by like you are choosing to pollute them intentionally. Really, nicotine is a very powerful addiction and a cigarrette pales in comparison to the amount of pollution they put in the air on their daily commute.

What if I told you you can smoke anywhere right now?
You can, with a new technology that eliminates the smoke all together. Electronic cigarrettes turn nicotine and flavor into a vapor that you inhale just like smoke. You get the same experience as smoking, the pull, the nicotine and the flavor without the tar and other toxic chemicals. The vapor is practically odorless and the amount of nicotine can be precisely controlled. You can even get cartridges that taste like tobacco but contain no nicotine. The electronic cigarette is the same size as a traditional cigarrette but the cartridges are only the size of a filter yet equal approx 15 cigarettes. There are so many advantages to this new system.

Here are just a few of the benefits I can think of:

  • No Tar or other Toxic Chemicals
  • Doesn't stain teeth
  • Doesn't gunk up lungs
  • No Flame = No fire hazzard
  • Compact 75 smokes in a traditional sized pack
  • No odor
  • Smoke anywhere, desk, plane, restaurant, anywhere!

I just got my electronic cigaretts today, and haven't had a traditional smoke all day. I feel like I have been smoking all day because well, I have. The vapor taste and feels just like regular smoke.
I am hoping to slowly quit by gradually switching to the no nicotine catridges, but at least I am not doing as much if any damage to myself in the interim.

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