More XP users migrating to Linux than Vista?

There is a great poll on ZDNet @

The poll ask "What’s your current Windows OS migration plans", and after 7,850 total votes the results look like this.

From To %
XP XP for now 26%
Vista Windows 7 17%
XP Windows 7 17%
XP Linux 9%
XP Mac 8%
XP Don't Know 4%
XP Vista 3%
Vista Mac 3%
Vista Don't know 2%
Vista Linux 2%

More people are planning to switch from XP to Linux than to Vista. No doubt a lot of people have already switched but of those still running XP, more plan to switch to Linux than Windows 7. Another 4% are undecided and another 2% plan on switching from Vista to Linux.
I would just like to throw my 2 cents in a say that I hope these Windows users switch to something with KDE 3.5, as that will give them a familiar windows like experience in Linux.

I think this is truly exciting. So much so I am inspired to write a Switch to Linux How to!